Somos o seu Parceiro na implementação e manutenção da sua solução SAP.

We changed our name!


Welcome to the new chapter of our journey!

We changed our name. We moved from ConstelTech to CS4 and this change reflects a very important step in our growth.

This new identity is a reflection of our growth, evolution and positioning as a leading company in the SAP solutions market.

The move to CS4 represents a significant milestone for us, furthering our continued commitment to providing exceptional SAP solutions, driving digital transformation and meeting the specific needs of each of our customers.


Reafirmamos assim o nosso compromisso com a excelência, a parceria e a entrega de resultados.


The name CS4 represents our core values:

Reliability and Credibility: Our main priority is to build solid and lasting relationships with all our clients, based on trust and the delivery of consistent results, always.
Customized Solutions: We recognize that every company is unique and has specific challenges, and CS4 is no different. We are committed to offering customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.
Innovation and Transformation: We live in an era of rapid and constant change. We are fully focused on driving innovation and helping our clients navigate the digital transformation with complete confidence and success.

Together, we will shape the future of business and drive success through SAP solutions. We are ready to build a successful future and sustainable growth!

Thank you for being part of this new phase of CS4!


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