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SAP Success Story - Colquímica Adhesives


Colquímica Adhesives operates globally in the development and commercialization of Hot Melt adhesives. With a consolidated position for 7 decades in the development of excellent solutions, Colquímica Adhesives is one of the most important global drivers in the sector and presents a diversified portfolio of products that are categorized into five main markets: nonwoven fabrics and hygiene, paper conversion, packaging, mattresses and product assembly.

Founded in 1953 in Valongo, Portugal, Colquímica Adhesives invests in innovation, qualification and precision, which allows the company to develop quality ideas and solutions for each market in any part of the world.


With a wide presence in over 60 countries, Colquímica Adhesives has four production units: two in Portugal; one in Poznan, Poland; and a Charlotte in the US. The total production capacity is 65 thousand tons of industrial glues per year.


"The partnership with CS4 came about at a time when we were dealing with some reporting and management difficulties and needed support from an experienced team in the integration of SAP modules. very experienced consultants with a transversal version of business processes. From then on, the relationship with CS4 grew, and later it was the partner chosen for our SAP S/4HANA upgrade. Despite the high degree of complexity of business processes from Colquímica, CS4 accepted the challenge, demonstrating throughout the project a great ability to absorb knowledge of our involvements and processes."



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